This year’s virtual Bama Bug Fest will feature four video premieres on UA Museums’ YouTube Channel! During these video premieres, click on the video titles to participate in a YouTube live chat with our experts! Even if you miss the live video premiere, feel free to write a question or comment in the YouTube Comment Section and we’ll get back to you!

Join the Tuscaloosa Public Library for hands-on extension activities for each day of Bama Bug Fest 2021! Activity packs will be available at each branch of the library starting the week of April 18th. The packs will include written instructions, and instructional videos will premiere on the Tuscaloosa Public Library’s YouTube Channel, the TPL Kids Instagram page (@tplkids), and the Weaver Bolden Branch Instagram page (@tpl_weaver). Each video will have a buggy storytime before we dive into the activity together!

Watch the video below to learn how to navigate and participate in the live chats.

Thursday, April 22

3D Build-a-Bug Workshop

Thursday, April 22nd @ 2:00pm

Activity Description: Create your own creepy crawly critter with this 3-D version of the Build-a-Bug Workshop!

Bugs in Your Home

Thursday, April 22 @ 6:00pm

Video Description: Bugs are here, bugs are there, bugs are found just about everywhere…even in your home! Whether you love them or hate them, we’ve all seen bugs in our homes. Join one of our bug experts as they explore what kinds of bugs are common in our homes.

Friday, April 23

Behind-the-Scenes of the Bug Room

Friday, April 23 @ 6:00pm

Video Description: The basement of Smith Hall is home to many interesting items and spaces, none more unexpected than a live insect research and outreach room! Visit the Bug Room with insect manager Kendra Abbott and get acquainted with some of the native and exotic insects housed there. You will meet a few of the students who care for these animals and learn what it takes to maintain a specialized insect home in the basement of a museum!

Saturday, April 24

Make a Bee Hotel!

Saturday, April 24 @10:00am

Activity Description: Want to show support for the busy bees around your neighborhood? Building a bee hotel from recycled materials will provide a place for the worker bees to rest before returning to their home hive!

Beehive Exhibit at the Museum

Saturday, April 24 @ 10:30am

Video Description: See what it takes to build an exhibit at the Alabama Museum of Natural History! Join Vince Wallace, Mark Allison, and Celena Bennett from the West Alabama Beekeepers Association build an observation hive. Kendra Abbott will walk you through the process from when the idea was created until the exhibit actually gets installed! Come see the exhibit for yourself and see if you can find the queen! If you are interested in certification you can go to the Alabama Beekeepers Association’s website:

Circuit Bugs!

Saturday, April 24th @ 2:00pm

Activity Description: Light up your life by making your own lightning bug–with circuits! This colorful creation really lights up with the help of some basic electricity.

Black Lighting: Here and Abroad

Saturday, April 24 @ 4:30pm

Video Description: Have you ever watched bugs flit around a lightbulb on the back porch at night? If so, you have seen a form of the insect observation and collection technique called “black lighting.” Join entomologists from Mozambique, Ecuador, and Alabama as they show us the blacklighting set-ups in their backyard and take us on a tour of their backyard bugs!